Texas Hydro Ax Services has been in business since 2005. TexasHydroAxServices.com went online April 11, 2011.
Others "say" they've been around ... We can prove it.  Experience makes a "huge" difference in Hydro Axing.


Texas Hydro Ax Services says DO NOT pay by the acre for Hydro-Axing!
for Mowing and other things paying by the acre is the best way.

It seems like "pay by the acre" would be better ... the truth is it is only better for the Hydro-Ax company.

Every Hydro-Ax company has to make so much per day to run their machines so they
figure their per acre rate based on the minimum number of acres they can clear each day.

For Example: (the rates below are for example only and are not necessarily what we or anybody else charges.)

If a company needs to make $3,000 per day and the minimum acreage they can do is 2 acres per day, then they will charge $1,500 per acre. Again it seems like it is the best way EXCEPT that every machine will do more than the minimum at least some of the days.

So you are still paying $3,000 per day or more!!  If they worked 10 days and did three acres in a day twice, you paid $4,500 those 2 days.

So for those 10 days, they cleared 8 days x 2 acres = 16 acres and 2 days x 3 acres = 6 acres for a total of 22 acres.

Paying by the acre you paid 22 acres x $1500 = $33,000.00 BUT if you had just paid the daily rate it would have only cost you $30,000. You paid $3,000 more just because it seems that a fixed price is better and it is not. AND the bigger the job the more money you loose.

You see it costs so much per day to operate a machine ... Period.  The company can't lose money so they can't figure their per acre rate on the maximum ... not even the average because on the days that they don't reach their average or their maximum they loose money ... PERIOD!!!

Texas Hydro Ax Services charges by the day because we know it is a better deal for our customers.

Texas Hydro Ax Services says " Do Not Pay By the Acre"
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